We carry young ready for hand taming parakeets!


We board birds on a limited basis, as space provides. We will try to accommodate your birds cage to reduce stress but this may not always be possible.

So, Go Ahead! Go On Vacation!
Our Staff Loves To Spoil Birds.
Book Early
All Boarding Birds Must Be Clipped For Their Safety.

DNA Sexing

We use Zoogen. A safe, fast and least intrusive way to have your bird sexed. One drop of blood is taken from the toenail of your bird and is sent off for analysis. We get the results in about a week. You get a certificate with your name and your birds sex.

Appointment Necessary

Bird Grooming

  • Nail
  • Wing
  • Beak
  • Trims Available For Birds Of All Sizes.
No appointment necessary but it is best to call ahead to make sure we have the proper staff available. There may be a short wait on weekends. Please make sure your birds in in a safe, warm carrier.

Hand Feeding Supplies

We carry lots of handfeeding supplies for raising baby birds.
  • Kaytee Formula
  • Pretty Bird Formula
  • Syringes
  • Pipettes
  • Thermometers
We have hand-feeding experts on staff to help you.